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Behind the Scene - The Blue Men!

To celebrate the first chapter of Fire On Fire,  THE BLUE MEN, being published to my website ( click here if you would like to have a gander), I thought I would share a "behind the scene!" So, Fire On Fire originally began with Chapter Two, but after getting about a fourth of the way through writing it, I realized that the handsome traveler walking into the tavern cliche wasn't me. I love wide, loud, cinematic scenes, and I determined that my goal with this story was to provide a ride, not a research assignment. I wanted to grab the reader and throw them right into the action. Being a sailor is a huge part of Aiden's character, so a battle scene with sea monsters was the perfect opening to the story, to teach about the world, his powers, the character relationships and roles, and the kinds of creatures and conflicts that would inevitably come about going forward.  This is also where I had to state my first line, the hook to pull you through the entirety of the story