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How Do I Write A Book?

How do I write a book? This is the most important question to anyone who has tons of ideas in their head but just doesn't know where to begin when getting them down on paper.  Now, don't get me wrong, there is no right or wrong way to write a book. Everyone has a different process, but here is what has worked for me: Step One: Note Taking I mull it over. I wade in it.   I think up my MCs, my setting, and some loose plot points. Then, I spend a few days taking notes of my thoughts (dreams, shower musings, voice-to-text ideas while driving in the car - whatever inspiration, whenever it strikes). I usually make a playlist of the aura and themes I'm going for, make a Pinterest board to spark my creativity, etc. Then, once I have a good amount of notes, I move on to Step Two. Step Two: Plotting There are what we call "plotters," and then there are what we call "pantsers" (those who just open a new Word document and roll with it). Now, pantsing a novel is all